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Religion Teotihuacana

Religion Guanajuato

The numerous spaces designed to celebrate the religion of Guanajuato invite you to see architectural wonders such as the Shrine at Christ the King, located at the top of Cerro del Cubilete, 30 km southwest from the city. It is an imposing bui... Ver más

Mysticism and religion in Teotihuacan

Mysticism and religion in Teotihuacan Mysticism and religion at Teotihuacan are two important elements that over the years continue to take courage. In this region rich in legends and beliefs can find some of the most important of all Mexico,... Ver más

Mysticism and religion of Tepoztlan

The aura of mysticism and religion of Tepoztlan is due to the many mysteries that are known around the Cerro del Tepozteco. One of the main phenomena that are discussed in the village is the affirmation from the people of the presence of a st... Ver más

Mysticism and religion of Queretaro

The stories linked to mysticism and religion of Queretaro are numerous. However, one of the most important is one that has to Peña de Bernal, in the municipality of Ezequiel Montes, as protagonist during the spring equinox, a number of indiv... Ver más

Mysticism and religion Taxco

The place Taxco mysticism and religion can be seen through the role occupied by the legend surrounding the church of Santa Prisca in Taxco: as narrated by the villagers over the construction of this work during the eighteenth century, a pheno... Ver más

Religion in Mexico City

Religion in Mexico City is present in all corners of this wonderful land through the many followers of the Catholic faith, inherited the legacy of colonial culture, which is manifested both in the daily lives of the inhabitants of this region... Ver más

Mysticism and religion in Huatulco

An important legend associated with mysticism and religion in Huatulco is the Legend of the Holy Cross, which tells the story of the cross that was \ "planted \" more than 2,000 years ago by a bearded man, robed and strongly linked to prayer. Ver más

Religion in Chichen Itza

Religion in Chichen Itza is closely related to one of the most wonderful natural phenomena imaginable: between 20 and 22 March an extraordinary thing happens in the that the sun's rays, projected onto one of the stairway of the Temple of ... Ver más

Mysticism and religion in Veracruz

Mysticism and religion in Veracruz are present in their surroundings, specifically in the town of Catemaco, located 175 km from the port via Highway 180. This is a region famous for the presence of sorcerers and witches, because there are bus... Ver más

Religion and mysticism for Toluca

Among the various stories related to the Toluca religióny mysticism stands by the legend that in 1537 the Spanish friars learned that the Indians, who worshiped the god of the cave, Oxtotéotl , human sacrifice in his honor around the villag... Ver más

Cuernavaca Celebrations

Cuernavaca The various festivities are closely linked with religion, and is usually celebrated with fairs, dances and fireworks displays for all residents and visitors of this beautiful region can be part. Ver más

Fiestas and traditions Tepoztlan

The most important holidays and traditions Tepoztlan invite to witness the celebrations as ancient Tepozteco Challenge, an artistic representation of dance that takes place each September 8, symbolizing the conversion Allied Cuauhnáhuac lord... Ver más

Debliz Xpujil, Campeche

Carretera Escarcega - Chetumal Km. 151.000 S/N, Municipio de Calakmul. Xpujil, Campeche.

Debliz Xpujil is an interesting hotel in the jungle Campechana is perfect for your holiday with lush beauty that ecotourism will provide total relaxation. Ver más