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Pachuca Hidalgo Balnearios


Hidalgo is located on the central area of the Republic of Mexico and is characterized by its temperate climate. Features numerous scenes of natural beauty, which in combination with the cultural wealth that give the different villages, one of... Ver más

Holiday Inn Pachuca, Pachuca

Blvd. Rojo Gómez No. 04, Lomas Residencial. Pachuca, Hidalgo.

Hotel Holiday Inn Pachuca offers a totally new experience to spend an excellent holiday or enjoy a successful business trip. It has a modern architecture and a privileged location just 15 minutes from downtown. Notros Relax and stay with wher... Ver más

Pachuca malls

Different malls Pachuca approach him the best products at the best price along with the most complete variety. Among the main points of sale located Perisur Plaza, Bella and 2000, and markets Benito Juárez, May 1 and Miguel Hidalgo, where ... Ver más

Festivities in Pachuca

The exciting celebrations of Pachuca invite you to join unique celebrations, such as the Feria de Pachuca, an event that takes place during the month of October and features hitching, crafts samples, rodeos, rides and music and dances. Ver más

Pachuca Golf

The best golf Pachuca is no doubt that offered by the golf club Pachuca, located at Kilometer 85 of the highway connecting Mexico with the city, Colonia Venta Prieta. In this magnificent place you'll find an excellent 9-hole, par 36 ... Ver más

Entertainment by Pachuca

The wide choice of entertainment by Pachuca him about the possibility of having fun with their loved ones through a variety of activities. An area more than recommended to enjoy pleasant moments with his family is the City Zoo ... Ver más

Camping in Pachuca

Camping in Pachuca may come into contact with nature as they never have before: on the outskirts of the city, the El Chico National Park, located 24 km to the north, where you can enjoy the 3 camps platforms equipped with the most complete se... Ver más

Spas for Pachuca

Spas by Pachuca gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best treatments to find the perfect balance between your body and mind. One example is the Royal Spa Hotel, located just over 130 km from the city, 205 Km on the Mexico-Laredo ... Ver más

Pachuca Services

Pachuca services offer the possibility of access to Mexico City through Federal Highway 130, while the road number 105 connects to this fantastic tourist destination with the peoples of the Great Atotonilco, Molango, Omitlán, Real del Monte,... Ver más

Pachuca Hotels

Also called the "graceful beauty" by the strong winds characteristic of the region, Pachuca is a beautiful city located 98 kilometers north of Mexico City and is characterized by having a mild climate with average temperatures reaching 24 º C. Ver más

Crafts and art by Pachuca

The crafts and art by Pachuca offers you the best products made by the inhabitants of the region, with items ranging from musical instruments and clothes to toys and souvenirs. To acquire the best works we recommend visiting craft ... Ver más

Nightly entertainment by Pachuca

The evening entertainment possibilities for Pachuca give you the opportunity to enjoy the evening as possible, with areas designed for you to spend pleasant moments having a drink or dance until sunrise in the morning ... Ver más

Practice fishing on Pachuca

The possibility of fishing practice Pachuca and the surrounding area can get close to nature in a new way, appreciating the most beautiful scenery that nature provides and enjoy an excellent sport, as well as enjoyable boat rides. Ver más

Pachuca Archaeological Site

On the outskirts of the city, the main archaeological site of Pachuca: Tula, located 75 km west of the heart of this fantastic tourist destination. In this place will be able to marvel at the sculptures of Atlantis, of almost 5 meters high. Ver más

Local cuisine in Pachuca

Pachuca Regional foods are famous throughout Mexico for its intense flavors and their special dishes. Among the typical products of the local cuisine will find empanadas stuffed with potato and leek, lamb barbecue and Mixiote, among many othe... Ver más

Tourism hunting for Pachuca

The hunting tourism in Pachuca you about all the excitement offered by the activity intensity, with the chance to practice hunting of species such as red deer, wild boar, the collared peccary, and a variety of birds alien. Ver más

Check outdoors for Pachuca

The outputs outdoors for Pachuca lets you know the best places of this tourist destination through walking, hiking, rappelling and climbing walls that reach 120 meters high. The city has numerous shops that give the best services, equipment a... Ver más

Tourist attractions in Pachuca

You can visit the main tourist attractions in Pachuca through the Pulqueras route: Start your journey by road number 105 bound for Ciudad Sahagun, where you'll find the Zempoala people. You will definitely appreciate the Church of All Sai... Ver más

Ecology and tourism Pachuca

The possibilities of combining tourism ecologíay Pachuca approach him the opportunity to meet a wide diversity of ecosystems, such as EcoAlberto Park, located 85 km northwest of the city, serving different microclimates and a wide variety sp... Ver más

Museums of art and culture by Pachuca

The museums of art and culture by Pachuca gives you the opportunity to approach the history of this region with beautiful spaces, such as Rehilete Museum, located at Km 84.5 of the Mexico - Pachuca. This resort offers an exhibition of over 10... Ver más