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Monumentos Edificios Importantes Tijuana

Spa Tijuana

With a visit to a spa in Tijuana you can enjoy the best treatments for relaxation, as well as various techniques through which you can achieve that physical and mental balance are looking for. The main campuses of the city is Real del Mar Spa... Ver más

Nightlife in Tijuana

The nightlife in Tijuana has options for every taste, night lovers can take a tour through the main city nightclubs, dancing to the latest in mu rock music, pop and electronica. Ver más

Museums in Tijuana

Tijuana's main museums offer a complete tour of the cultural richness that makes this region of Mexico, discovering the history and artistic trends that characterize this Mexican destination. Ver más

Architecture in Tijuana

The architecture in Tijuana has a lot of avant-garde icons that show the multifaceted aspect of this wonderful destination of the Republic of Mexico. One prime example of this is the Arco Monumental Clock, located on Avenida Revolucion ... Ver más

Tijuana Hotels

Located in the northwestern region of Mexico is Tijuana, one of the most visited cities in the country thanks to the wide variety of activities and points of tourist attraction that will make their a vacation experience you will never forget,... Ver más

Markets and shops in Tijuana

Markets and shops in Tijuana offer a variety of alternatives when making purchases, with options ranging from shopping centers such as Plaza del Zapato, Plaza Rio Tijuana and Plaza Fiesta, located on the Promenade Heroes, offering fabric stor... Ver más

Tijuana Regional Cuisine

Tijuana Regional Cuisine The regional gastronomy of Tijuana offers a variety of delicacies typical, as is the case of lobsters and mackerel, in addition to the typical ingredients of European and Latin American cuisine, which fuse to give lif... Ver más

Colonial architecture in Tijuana

The colonial architecture in Tijuana has a lot of examples of buildings left by the history, culture and art through drawing. Such is the case of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, located at Calle 2 and Avenida Constitución. Ver más

Amusement and entertainment in Tijuana

If you are looking diversióny entertainment in Tijuana, we recommend you visit the various resorts and recreational centers in the region where you can enjoy pleasant moments with loved ones. Such is the case of Rancho El Rinconcito Pool, lo... Ver más

Archaeological site in Tijuana

Discover an important archaeological site in Tijuana: El Vallecito, located in Tecate, just over 70 km to the east of the city by the Federal Highway 2. In this stunning area will find a lot of cave paintings, with depictions of animals and h... Ver más

Golf club in Tijuana

When searching for a golf club in Tijuana we recommend knowing the Real del Mar Golf Resort, located at Km 19,5 of Highway 1 in Colonia Real del Mar development where you will find an excellent field of 18 hole, par 72, designed by the renown... Ver más

Shows and sporting events in Tijuana

Enjoy the best shows and sporting events in Tijuana, among which is the International Dance Show, which takes place every April with the participation of the best professionals in the discipline internationally, as well also the main regional... Ver más

Ensenada Tourist Service

The tourism service in Ensenada offers every comfort: If you plan to travel by private car, the city's port is connected to the city of Tijuana to just over 110 km north on Highway 1 , and Tecate and Mexicali along the highways 3 and 2. Ver más