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Casa Mexicana Cozumel

Av. Rafael E. Melgar No. 457 Sur, Centro. Cozumel, Quintana Roo.

With Mexican style. Casa Mexicana Cozumel is a 3 stars offering a building with a contemporary Mexican architectural style. This is the ideal choice for travelers on business or pleasure. Casa Mexicana meets the expectations of visitors looki... Ver más

Tourism and ecology in Huatulco

The lovers of tourism and ecology in Huatulco find a wide variety of nature scenes with the most stunning scenery, where you will have the opportunity to appreciate the wealth that gives its flora and fauna, both terrestrial and maritime. Ver más

Ecotourism in Aguascalientes

Ecotourism in Aguascalientes is one of the main attractions for many tourists coming to this tourist eager to understand and appreciate the flora and fauna of the region, recognized in the country its magnificent natural spaces. Ver más

Natural Tourism in Hermosillo

The potential of nature tourism in Hermosillo are limitless, with ecological reserves that invitarána appreciate the richness that distinguishes the flora and fauna of the region, as well as admire the wonderful landscapes that gives this to... Ver más

Check outdoors for Ensenada

The outputs outdoors for Ensenada invite you to enjoy nature on high expression, with two wonderful national parks which will have the opportunity to appreciate the flora and fauna of the region, as well as n the most amazing scenery ever ima... Ver más

Oaxaca Ecotourism

The Oaxaca ecoturimo what about the most amazing landscapes and natural scenery, where you will have the opportunity to appreciate the flora and fauna of the region while enjoying a unique touch to life outdoors with this fantastic destinatio... Ver más

Outdoor activities in Cancun

The wide range of outdoor activities in Cancun invites tourists to enjoy the best excursions to the beach, horseback riding, observing flora and fauna hidden trails and paths that allow you to get closer to nature as it ever did. Ver más

Ecotourism Cuernavaca

If you plan to enjoy ecotourism in Cuernavaca, you will find many areas where you can appreciate the flora and fauna of the region, beautiful oak and fir forests surrounded by waterfalls, mountains and springs, forming the most impressive up ... Ver más

Ecotourism in Chichen Itza

Ecotourism in Chichén Itzá invites you to hear the most beautiful nature reserves in the region, where you can enjoy the flora and fauna observation, plus the magic that Cenotes around the crystal-mirror-connected underground and beauty tha... Ver más

Cozumel Ecotourism

The ecotourism opportunities Cozumel have no limits: from the most beautiful nature reserves with the wealth that provides its regional flora and fauna, to the incredible natural aquarium surrounded by vegetation in the area , will delight na... Ver más

Ecotourism in Mexico

The huge range of ecotourism in Mexico invites travelers from around the world to enjoy the flora and fauna of various regions of the country thanks to the various reserves, national parks and protected areas, designed to keep alive the many ... Ver más

Recreation in Cuernavaca

If you seek relaxation in Cuernavaca offers a wide range of options that stand out spas with the best pools in the area, as well as the various protected natural areas that invite tourists to appreciate the flora and fauna the place and make ... Ver más

Ecotourism in Campeche

Ecotourism in Campeche is a very popular and beautiful resort that has numerous ecological reserves in the surrounding area, inviting visitors to observe the richness that characterizes its flora and fauna can also appreciate dedicated to pro... Ver más

Ecology and tourism Queretaro

Enjoy sightseeing ecologíay Querétaro, through the various spaces designed to preserve the great diversity of flora and fauna of the region is a possibility that can not pass up. An ideal place for this is the Cimatario National Park, locat... Ver más