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Comida Tipica Xalapa

Crafts for Xalapa

Access the best crafts in Xalapa, where the hands of the village artisans give life to the most beautiful gifts and souvenirs, as well as products made of blown glass, ceramics alfareríay, among others. You can purchase all this and more on ... Ver más

Entertainment by Xalapa

Enjoy the best entertainment in Xalapa, where you can visit outdoor spaces ideal for leisure and fun. One such place is the Parque Benito Juárez, located between the streets JJ Herrera and Juan de la Luz Enriquez, Colonia Centro. Ver más

Camping in Xalapa

Camping in Xalapa can enjoy the outdoor life in one of the most beautiful natural parks in the state, where is located the second largest volcano in Veracruz. This is the Cofre de Perote National Park, located 50 km west of the city ... Ver más

Mountaineering in Xalapa

Do not miss the opportunity to practice climbing by Xalapa and its surroundings, where you can enjoy the second highest volcano in Veracruz, located in Parque Nacional Cofre de Perote. This wonderful park is located 50 km west of the city, th... Ver más

Rafting in Xalapa

If you want to go rafting in Xalapa we recommend meet Fish River, located less than 40 km to the southeast of the city, in the municipality of Jalcomulco. With a total of 17 rapids of category III and IV, this site is presented as the perfect... Ver más

Xalapa Hotels

Recognized as the cultural capital of Veracruz, Xalapa is a beautiful city located less than 145 km west of the port of Veracruz. Thanks to its location in an important region of high mountains, this place has a predominantly temperate-humid ... Ver más

Museums and galleries in Xalapa

Museums and galleries in Xalapa give you the best proposals to pre-Hispanic art exhibits and more. One of the main exhibition is the Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa, located at Avenida Xalapa s / n, where you'll find 6 rooms and 18 galle... Ver más

Shops and businesses by Xalapa

Different shops await you in Xalapa to offer the best gifts, curios, crafts and souvenirs. Among the most important sales markets are Jauregui, located at Avenida Revolucióny Tamborrel, the organic market Ocelotl Ver más

Archaeological sites in Xalapa

One of the most important archaeological sites in Xalapa is El Tajin, located 250 km north of the city. This is an important space for the history of the region, where visitors can appreciate the use of various forms niches in their main buil... Ver más

Outdoor Excursions for Xalapa

Viva exciting outdoor excursions in Xalapa, where you can enjoy nature in countless ways, including practicing rappelling and climbing. A wonderful place for lovers of these activities is Jalcomulco, located less than 40 km to the southeast o... Ver más

Festivities and celebrations of Xalapa

The main festivities and celebrations of Xalapa invite you to become part of the most important dates of these Mexican lands. One of them is related to the Spring Festival, which take place between 14 and 30 April, with the presence of differ... Ver más

Fun night in Xalapa

If you are looking for fun at night in Xalapa we recommend you visit the various bars and discotes of the city where surely find one with the environment you are looking for: for lovers of popular music we suggest you visit La Tasca del Canto... Ver más

Ecotourism options in Xalapa

Options for ecotourism in Xalapa I invite you to experience pleasant moments in touch with nature with his family. A place not be missed is the Cofre de Perote National Park, located 50 km west of the city, through the Federal Highway 140. Ver más

Xalapa Travel services

Xalapa Tourism services offer you the chance to travel to various parts of Mexico thanks to transport companies who arrive at the bus station (CAXA), located on Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas s / n, a the arriving trucks to the main lines, such as... Ver más

Typical dishes for Xalapa

Indulge yourself with the typical dishes of Xalapa, where you'll find delicacies from Veracruz, as chileatole chicken (soup made from chiles, epazote Maizy grains) and snacks like chopped tamales and molotes ( floured and fried plantains)... Ver más

Shows and Events in Xalapa

Witness the best shows and performances in Xalapa, recognized as the cultural capital of Veracruz state. One of the most important events in the region is the International Jazz Festival, an organization that receives much support from variou... Ver más

Health Center for Xalapa

If you want a spa known for Xalapa we recommend two sites that offer the best treatments and relaxation techniques in aesthetics. One is El Carrizal, located 45 km southwest from the city. This is a wonderful resort that offers the service th... Ver más

Colonial architecture in Xalapa

Xalapa colonial architecture has many examples of the neoclassical style, neo-Gothic and Mudejar dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One is the Government Palace, located in Enriquez street opposite the Cathedral. This is a b... Ver más

Extreme sports and adventure in Xalapa

Enjoy extreme sports and adventures in and around Xalapa, where the best venues for mountain biking. One such place is Jalcomulco, located less than 40 km to the southeast of the city. Here you will find a myriad of natural attractions, with ... Ver más