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Balnearios Valle Bravo

Camping in Valle de Bravo

The camping in Valle de Bravo offers numerous alternatives: one is the Monte Alto Reserve, located 10 minutes from downtown, across the road to the town of Avándaro. It presents a particularly aimed for those visitors who want to camp ... Ver más

Browse by Valle de Bravo

Browse by Valle de Bravo will allow you to appreciate this wonderful destination from another perspective, aboard boats or in small individual sailboats. An option to enjoy this activity is the Municipal Pier, which is located inside the vill... Ver más

Clubs in Valle de Bravo

Different golf clubs in Valle de Bravo invite you to test your skills at this unique sport that so many fans around the world crop. One of the most important places to practice golf club is Avándaro, located only 6 km from downtown ... Ver más

Celebrations in Valle de Bravo

Different celebrations in Valle de Bravo invite you to form part of the most important dates on these lands. The main celebrations are Vallesano Festival, which takes place during the month of March, which is distinguished by the many cultura... Ver más

Out in the open for Valle de Bravo

Enjoy an open air outlet for Valle de Bravo and its surroundings, where you'll find wonderful nature reserves and forested areas surrounded by mountains, national parks and numerous recreational facilities. One such place is the Monarch B... Ver más

Valle de Bravo Hotels

Valle de Bravo is located 145 km from Mexico City and 67 kilometers east of the capital of Mexico, Toluca. Thanks to its geographical location, this region has a temperate climate predominantly sub-humid, with an annual average temperature re... Ver más

Museums in Valle de Bravo theme

Learn about the different themed museums in Valle de Bravo, a tourist destination that invites you to discover the history of its major famous people. A place not be missed is the Culture House, located near the center. Ver más

Wellness Center in Valle de Bravo

Enjoy a day at a spa in Valle de Bravo and discover a new way to feel good. A perfect alternative is the Spa Sanctuary, located just 10 minutes from the heart of the city, on the road Colorines Km 4.5, in the hotel that bears the same name. Ver más

Tourism and nature in Valle de Bravo

Tourism and nature in Valle de Bravo combine to shape the outdoor spaces more beautiful in the region, offers many activities. A site that can not fail to know is the Bosencheve National Park, located 44 km north of the city, across the road ... Ver más

Night events in Valle de Bravo

Nights out in Valle de Bravo are many alternatives to offer: from bars formal environment in which a drink and listen to jazz, to music clubs that invitarána dance till dawn to the sound of the best mu rock music, pop and electronic, nationa... Ver más