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Balnearios Atotonilco Hidalgo

Atotonilco El Viejo

Camino al Santuario de Atotonilco S/N, Atotonilco. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

The hotel Atotonilco El Viejo is the perfect place to holiday close to nature, being located on the outskirts of the village of Atotonilco Ver más


Hidalgo is located on the central area of the Republic of Mexico and is characterized by its temperate climate. Features numerous scenes of natural beauty, which in combination with the cultural wealth that give the different villages, one of... Ver más

Zacatecas spa

A major spa Caxcan Paraísco Zacatecas is located 186 km from the city, in the community of San Miguel Atotonilco. Its establishment will find an excellent spa with the best services and the most various techniques and treatments, gym, reflex... Ver más

Pachuca Services

Pachuca services offer the possibility of access to Mexico City through Federal Highway 130, while the road number 105 connects to this fantastic tourist destination with the peoples of the Great Atotonilco, Molango, Omitlán, Real del Monte,... Ver más

Shopping in Cuernavaca

If you think shopping for Cuernavaca find numerous markets that offer the best crafts in the region, such as market Cortez Palace, the Zocalo and the Cathedral, located on Boulevard Avenida Juarez and Hidalgo. Ver más

Pachuca malls

Different malls Pachuca approach him the best products at the best price along with the most complete variety. Among the main points of sale located Perisur Plaza, Bella and 2000, and markets Benito Juárez, May 1 and Miguel Hidalgo, where ... Ver más

Retail Stores in Isla Mujeres

The wide range of shops on Isla Mujeres is waiting for you to access the best products, excellent quality and good prices. We encourage local travel the roads located on Rueda Medina, Juarez and Hidalgo, where you will find ... Ver más

Puerto Escondido Travel services

The resorts of Puerto Escondido services offer a major bus station, receiving major transport land lines, such as Oaxaca-Istmo, Estrella Blanca and Christopher Columbus. It is located on Avenida Hidalgo and Calle 1 East. Ver más

Malls by San Luis Potosi

Scroll through the main shopping malls in San Luis Potosi and access to the best handicrafts in the region. Among the most important outlets are the Plaza El Dorado, the Mercado Hidalgo, Plaza de Armas, Plaza Tangamanga, Crafts del Carmen ... Ver más

Archaeological sites in Tampico

Discover the major archaeological sites in Tampico, where you can learn a lot about the Huasteca culture through remnants of an ancient people. We recommend you visit Las Flores, located at Avenida Hidalgo s / n near the corner of Avenida Cha... Ver más

Practice camping in Toluca

The practice of camping in Toluca gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature in its purest state, with extensive green areas with lush vegetacióny typical fauna of the region. An ideal place to enjoy the outdoors and camping is the National P... Ver más

Crafts in Cuernavaca

Artisanal products will come in Cuernavaca tourists the possibility to access the creativity that distinguishes the people of Morelos state, where articles of wood, clay and palm, recognized worldwide for its indigenous techniques Ver más

Florencia Regency

Av. Lazaro Cárdenas 1282, Ventura Puente. Morelia, Michoacán.

The Regency Hotel in Florence the city of Morelia for its beautiful colonial architecture, is a cozy accommodation that awaits you on your next visit to the region's Bajío michoacana. Ver más